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CTY Is Where Your Advanced Learner Reaches Their Potential

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth empowers your child to explore their love of learning. They can advance their academic abilities in individually paced online courses and synchronous virtual classes with other gifted and talented students. These courses include opportunities to accelerate your child’s development in classes for advanced learners in multiple grade levels. They can also participate in social activities that keep bright students learning and having fun all year long.

CTY’s courses meet second- to fifth-graders’ needs for an enriching education. Your child will experience online gifted and talented classes that challenge them academically and bring out their abilities in fun, engaging ways.

CTY’s online courses nurture sixth- to eighth-graders’ interests in learning while building on their academic talents. In addition to studying history, writing, and world languages, your child can delve further into their exploration of STEM subject areas.

CTY empowers ninth- through twelfth-graders to advance their academic talents. Your bright child will flourish in courses that match their interests, and they can prepare to succeed in college and beyond with our Advanced Placement courses.

Discover Virtual Courses for Your Scholar’s Learning Style

Session-Based Online Courses

Your child can enroll in CTY’s deadline-driven courses and accelerate their development and growth. Courses include Visual Storytelling, Introduction to chess, AP World History, and more.

Individually Paced Online Courses

Your child can enroll in these courses any time and then learn on the schedule that suits them. Courses include Earth and Space Science, Writing Analysis and Persuasion, Interactive Web Design with JavaScript, and more.

LIVE Courses

Your child interacts in real-time sessions for collaboration and advanced learning. Available courses include Behavioral Economics, Aeronautical Engineering, Backyard Habitats, Diagnosis: Be the Doctor, Game of Life: The Theory of Strategic Behavior, Mathematics of Pixar, and more.

Problem-Based Courses

Your seventh- through twelfth-grade child engages in real-time collaborative, student-directed learning and independent exploration to solve real-world challenges. Courses include Alternate Realities, Colonizing Space, Designing Inclusive Algorithms, and Incentives for a Better World.

Your Child Will Flourish in a Community of Advanced Learners

Introduce your child to a world of educational opportunities for advanced learners at CTY. They can engage in accredited online courses that fit their skills and interests, all led by instructors who excel in teaching gifted and talented students. And our LIVE and Problem-Based Courses provide opportunities for your child to participate in peer-to-peer collaboration. Subjects include:

  • Advanced Placement
  • Computer Science and Technology
  • History and Social Science
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Engineering
  • World Languages

Start With the CTY Talent Search

We’ll help you discover if our courses are right for your child through our Talent Search. An advanced assessment will identify your child’s abilities and help them find the right level of challenge.

We offer an online version of the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) that your child can take from home. We also accept scores from a wide variety of other tests, many of which are commonly administered in U.S. schools.

Foster Your Bright Child’s Success

CTY’s challenging courses nurture your child’s academic talents and help further their love of learning. Find out how your child can join other gifted students in online and in-person courses this year.

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